Wednesday, September 7, 2011

...what makes you a New Yorker?

1. The Ability to Get a Cab in the Rain

  • Level of Difficulty: Difficult
  • Trick: Walk up to a block where other streets/aves merge and pray, pray pray
  • The harder it rains, the worse this will seem
  • Walking over avenues will seem like a good idea but will rarely give better results
2. Knowing appropriate rain gear
  • Level of Difficulty: Not so hard
  • Trick: Hunter Wellies are irreplaceable (at therapy, the girl before me had left the exact same umbrella and boots by the door... aw, cute). I know nothing about her except she is into the same rain gear. Appropriate. 
  • When entering a building that has umbrella bags, take two - you might want them later
3. Finding the next best.... pizza, cupcake, person to date, etc.
  • Level of Difficulty: Near impossible 
  • Trick: Eat cupcakes often. I'm still a magnolia fan. Although, sugar sweet sunshine is actually my favorite. Yep, you could send me some of those, and I'd be really happy. 
  • Keep an open mind, but hold on to favorites. 
4. Knowing what subways to take...
  • Level of Difficulty: Should be easy-ish (though yesterday while on the R, a girl asked if it was the 6 train....??
  • Trick: Download Exit Strategy for your Iphone - you don't need internet and while you're waiting you can stand in the *best* possible spot
  • Failure? Being distracted and riding the subway a stop too far. Ridiculous? Making eyes with someone and having them write a missed connections about you. Yep, that happened the DAY before I got diagnosed. 
5. Learning to live in impossibly small spaces...
  • Level of Difficulty: Depends on the time you put into fixing it
  • Trick: Organize. Figure out what you want where and why and then find a way to make it work. Frequent stores like 'Surprise Surprise' and the 'Container Store' and 'Bed Bath and Beyond'
  • Bonus trick: Take your bed bath and beyond receipt to a store in the suburbs and have them price adjust everything... savings: a lot.
Those are the tips, tricks, etc that I have for today.

Today was my first post treatment MRI -- it was good; "stable." I wasn't sure how I felt (I mean obviously relieved, but I'll never be "cancer free" which is so stressful) but I understand that its chronic and we can manage it.... I have to start 5 on / 23 days off for chemo starting on Monday... anxiety...  but the highlight of the day (somehow more exciting) was that then I got the most amazing hair. It's real human hair and it feels so soft, and it just made my whole day. I'm going to write a review of the person I sent to see, because he is a true angel. See picture. 

Say extra prayers. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.