Friday, May 25, 2007

$1 million, A Shoe Zip Code and Vitamin Water

I was particularly touched by the Yankees donation to Virginia Tech of $1 million dollars the other night. A lot of times I feel that my school and home life are very removed, because in fact they take place 8+ hours away and in two completely different worlds (Blacksburg vs. New York City, you do the math). The Orioles were allowing VT students to go to games for free, however (with the exception of this weekend) when am I ever in Maryland during the summer? Answer: never, or very rare, and definitely not to see a baseball game. I found myself wondering where my Yankees were... and here they have done something even better. I think the best part was the hats (pictured right) because it just meant a lot to see that VT all over the place. I've always loved the Yankees, and now they've proven why they are the best. They were in the city that witnessed 9/11 first hand, and saw how people came together for that, and to see them step up both with VT (and they also donated $1 million to Katrina victims), is just amazing.

I'm leaving the city in about an hour to head home and then to Maryland. I don't think I'm going to bring my lap top, so there won't be any updates until Monday or Tuesday. Kristen returns to the Great US of A on Sunday and I'm so excited for that. I'm apprehensive because when I come back on Mon. or Tues. I will have all my roommates. Right now it's just Z & Me, but with E and C here it should be interesting. It's a big apartment, until you put that many people in it. And seriously, if C thinks her 15 year old sister is hanging out here all the time, she is very mistaken. When C brought her bedding her mom said something about how maybe her little sister could sleep on our couch because she's working M-T over by FIT which is pretty close. I'm sorry but I'm paying $1,000 dollars a month to share space ALREADY, do you think I want to share with some little kid? I mean don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if she had her over maybe once a month - but come'on we can't use this place as a hotel. I have my fingers crossed she keeps it as nice as Z and I have. C also asked what Z and I had been doing for groceries. Um, what?! We've been buying our own food and eating it. What are we, best friends because we share room keys?! I have no intention of taking turns making dinner for the 'fam.' Just so that's clear.

Saks 5th Ave's Shoe department is getting it's own zip code (I know, laugh). 10022-SHOE. Saks says they plan to make the 8th floor a "destination" complete with an elevator directly to that floor. Interesting.

Coke is buying Vitamin Water for $4.1 billion. This makes me very excited because a) I own stock in Coke and I think this is a good move to help them expand their business into areas of the market they had not explored and therefore beneficial to my investment and b) I love Vitamin Water, like LOVE vitamin water. I love that it comes in pretty colors and I love the descriptions on the side of the bottles. I have one in my fridge right now. I kinda wonder if it actually works. Like, One of them is for "Power." Or one is for "focus." Idk how you'd know if they really work, but I still like them, so yay, go Coke.

Okay, that's all for today/this weekend. I know I'm not very interesting. I've got to go pack and trekk to Penn Station.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

...Self, today, you should join a gym.

I was told that I should make a blog. I thought this was an amusing idea (shout out tfast), until I told Meg and she replied with "I'll read it." Yeah, lets see how long this lasts...

Yesterday I decided that if I walked all the way to the Ipod store I could buy an Ipod shuffle. I wasn't sure how far I had to go, just that the IPOD store is clear, and at 797 5th Ave. So, I set out on my adventure (starting at 34th, 5th ave). I got distracted by Bryant Park and the New York Public library for approximately 1 hour. However, back on track, almost 30 blocks later I reached the Ipod store and secured my brand new green ipod shuffle. Look how cute it is. So now that I was all the way up 5th by the Plaza (see, central park was calling my name. At some point, while I was debating whether or not to pay 10 dollars to enter the central park zoo, I realized I was approximately 40 blocks away, and uninterested in riding the subway. (I decided against visiting the zoo alone, though the unlimited pass at $70+ dollars was tempting. But then, seriously, how much would I go to a zoo that has like 5 exhibits. Negative.) So I leisurely strolled some 25 blocks back towards my lovely residence (pictured next to the empire state building), until I ran into a graduation ceremony, which caused me to veer approximately 3 blocks off course, but the detour allowed me to purchase fruit for dinner... which is always exciting.

Tonight, in addition to encourage me to start a blog, Meg told me I could never live alone. I feel this is an accurate assertion as it leads to me walking 5 miles and more recently, today, joining a gym (the thing on my key ring loudly shouts in a bold font "GO TO THE GYM" - - I think they meant it to be encouraging, but instead, I kinda want to take it off my keys. But then I'd lose it, and that'd be annoying). I think I need a pet. Preferably a small dog. I dislike cats. I should add that to my list at the right, but that's a lot of work, so just remember - no cats.

So anyway, my big new york city adventure is postponed tomorrow around noon because I'm going to Maryland for the weekend. Nothing like crab cakes and soccer games to celebrate memorial day.

It's rather strange to realize I'm going to miss my doorman and the crazy tourists that constantly take pictures of the empire blocking my path to ... everywhere. Ahh, sweet city. Ps. New Maroon 5 Cd = 4.5 stars, Download: "Can't Stop"