Thursday, January 2, 2014

Remember happiness and choose hope

When you're diagnosed with a disease that is inoperable and has no known cure - you know the odds are against you. But you "choose hope"as my mom would remind  me. I make a conscious choice  to put my faith in the Lord and "choose" hope. Then I work my but off to raise almost 100k for brain tumor research - I have to hope that while I might not benefit from the research, someone else will.

But you also know that a  day - you hope far away, will come… the "reality meeting" if you will. Some of your doctors aren't as optimistic and the talk sunk to realistic and caring with a touch of sadness.

I've had this meeting twice recently. I guess that means there are two ways to go. But I'm not ready. I'm ready for God, but I think he isn't done with me here. And for every day on earth, that he gives me, I'm going to find my purpose. If I can help you with yours, email me.

My primary basic tumor is growing aggressively and has taken my left peripheral vision because of the location in my brain. Second, the pneumonia is not under control; a new spot on the CT- making treating the brain tumor really challenging. That's why are going for re-radiation. But I'm going to get a PICC line so we can try with IV antibiotics. Don't know what a PICC is? Go back a few entries… I promise to tell you.

I have things to talk about but not tonight.

But first I want you to stop and take  deep berth. I've been fighting cancer for two years, nine months and I'm not finished! And second - I have a brain tumor - I'm not going to give into a lung infection. Remember, we fight!

Today is a great day - I had Shake Shack for lunch, it's Tate's 1st birthday, KD weekend in one more day, and I got my nails done - happiness.

From your friend living with pneumonia and a brain tumor, currently refusing to die from either,


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Candice said...

Hi Emily! I also have similar issues as you've had. I was wondering if you'd like to be in touch! If so, just let me know the easiest way to be in contact with you. Wishing you the best! :)