Monday, November 26, 2007 hours in a car alone will make anyone crazy

This morning I got up (read: my parents woke me up) at 7 am and made me drive back to school. Okay, they didn't make me (I had to return to school!) but they.. shuffled me out the door (read: my dad packed my car - 2 suitcases, 3 misc bags full of clothes/junk, a new desk unit (thank you ikea!), and a few other items).... and then I proceeded to drive back to Virginia. I passed 4 accidents on I-81, was delayed multiple times, but thanks to my quick driving during open streches and 10 minute gas pumping adventure (okay its REALLY hard to pump gas, I don't care what anyone says - it gets me everytime), I was able to arrive in approximately 7 hours. Upon arrival, I picked Tyler up and he and Robbie carried the aforementioned suitcasesbagsjunkdeskthingyandotheritems up to my room. Ah, lucky.

So, I took a three hour nap, had some chili, and now I'm looking at all the clothes that are still in my now open suitcases and I think I'll go back to bed. I did however START to reorganize my closet (which means I refolded my sweats, moved them over on their shelf, and then put the shorts up a shelf so that eventually I can put sweaters there). Seriously productive, I know.

Alright, enough of me rambling. Breakfast club tomorrow at 8am, though I think I'll sleep in.... I hope its cold so I can wear one of my new jackets (seriously who am I?!). Side note, the shopping addiction has fully continued as Kristen and Robert (my brother) and I went to Blockbuster to RENT a movie and managed to spend 17 dollars (actually 23 because we got a $5 gift card at one point during the transaction fiasco) and returned home with candy, a movie (um, yeah...), soda, and 4 glass "Coca Cola" glasses. No one else could turn Blockbuster into a shopping opprotunity. You know, it just occured to me, my strategic thinker of a father (so his business card says), once told me that there are no problems- merely opprotunities. So, this isn't a shopping problem - - it's a shopping opprotunity -- which means, clearly, I should shop more.

OH, remind me to tell you about my spring break plans. I was thinking about how I'm a bad person for shopping so much, and then I remembered I'm not really a bad person... you'll see what I mean...

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