Thursday, November 22, 2007

...some holidays are just better than others.

So, Kristen and I have realized that some holidays are just better than others. Below, I provide you with the list of holidays that are definately better than Thanksgiving:

your birthday (mine namely), christmas, hanukkah, new years eve, easter, sinter klaus, 4th of july, valentine's day, halloween, st patricks day, all days that you might have off (ie. labor day, etc.)... and THEN thanksgiving.

therefore, please reference and realize that his entry is completely pointless, despite some of these not being actual holidays, they are clearly better then thanksgiving.

although, today, on thanksgiving i provide you with the list of things i am thankful for: my family, my little brother (yeah he's so cool he's seperate), kristen harris, shopping in the city, little cafes, my friends (erin kara chriscalle etc), pumpkin pie, my bed, my room at school, people who talk to me from banks, and being healthy, happy and smart.


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