Friday, June 8, 2007 live a fabulous life.

So, while I haven't worked at all this week (read: I'm extrodinarly poor), I have so many great things coming up that I can't help but be excited. Kristen made a "Calendar of Events" so we can track the fabulous things we have to do ... which includes, but is not limited to:

- manicures and pinkberry asap
- Yankees game SATURDAY (6/9)
- Comedy Club (next fri or sat)
- Romeo and Juliet (Central Park)
- Yoga in Bryant Park (thurs)

.... well I have to go to the gym and then run a few errands (always bad when you haven't worked). On the bright side, its a gorgeous day, the cars are honking, it's FRIDAY, I've never not worked in my life (err since like Jr year in hs), and for once, I'm just having fun. Maybe that's just what I needed.

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