Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where can you get Ice Cream at 11:15pm in NYC?

The answer: Penn Station. Last Sunday night, Sean and I decided to see "Knocked Up" but were craving ice cream. After wandering Chelsea for 45 minutes, it suddenly occurred to me, that one place that would remain open and serve food was the train station. I know, it seems ridiculous, but once we went down into the station, we found rows of food- 5 serving ice cream. Outside, in the "city that never sleeps" the shops were closed, even Macy*s which hosts two ice cream venders inside their massive store was closed. Yet the train station remained open, boasting soft ice cream and hard, as well as 10+ kids of cheap beer. We have figured out where the late-night action in the city is. And it's underground.

Kristen and I are looking for odd jobs. Both of our internships are part time, and as imaginable, we need extra spending money. How can we live life to the fullest if our entire paycheck goes on the three new pairs of shoes I just HAD to buy last week? Oh, and the sushi that I ordered for dinner. And the three cab rides around lower Manhattan. It's impossible. She found a dog walking job that is 9-5, five days a week. I told her she should go ahead and pass on that one. No dog needs to be walked 40 hours a week, and if it's multiple dogs that need walking, well then she'd really be in trouble.

I've been informed by my readers that I don't update enough. Well, readers, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you wanted to read more. Perhaps this week I'll be a little better disciplined. It was hard last week because I spend the weekend in Maryland watching my brother and his German exchange student play in a soccer tournament. They didn't win, but I love watching them play. They're so competitive. I wish I was half as athletic as all the kids on his team. (Ps. That's my little brother to the left!!! Yay) So, the entire weekend was spent watching soccer and, oh, eating crabs, because that's what Maryland is good for - soccer tournaments and all you can eat crab restaurants.

Roommate update: Well, C snores. Like, last night I woke up to her gasping breaths and painful snores at 3:15, and didn't fall back asleep until almost 6. Otherwise, I actually really like C. Well, if we forget the fact that when I came back from Maryland my internet was unplugged and she had plugged her stuff into my power strip. I quickly unplugged it and put it on her bed. Oh and confiscated my fan back. Seriously, why was my fan in her bed? I don't know. Z is still pretty cool, though I feel like she judges me when I have off from work. HELLO does she realize she's 22 and living in the dorms? I'll have graduated and have a real job by the time I'm her age. She can't judge. Finally, E. She's just kinda loud. Not in voice, but in mannerisms. Like today she was slamming cabinents and dropping things. I almost hated her immediately because she put all of her stuff in the window that overlooks 6th ave. That's where I sit when I'm on a job call. There is no need to pile massive amounts of hair products there. Seriously. I've never even seen her use makeup or hair products, so why does she have so many? That remains one of the mysteries of life: why does a girl who never uses product, buy more than a girl who does? And how does having more/using me, equate to looking worse?

That's all for now.

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Mack said...


Your brother's team won 1, lost 1 and tied 1, which is a respectable record at a tournament. You're right that they didn't win the tournament, but they finished ~6th out of 12 teams.