Sunday, June 26, 2011

... you have a new hobby, cancer.

I was telling my dad how a few posts ago I thought I needed a new hobby. He pointed out that now I have one, cancer. Specifically, cancer and my Ipad. I troll other blogs and forums and sites like it's my job. I make and attend Drs appointments like my life depended on it. Oh wait, both of these statements are true.

I'm exploring raw food. I say that with a complete grain of salt (figuratively)... I just don't have the dedication to be Kris Carr. However, I am mastering the green drink and I am the proud owner of a new VitaMix. I mean, my parents are the proud new owners of a VitaMix... I am just leasing it. Tonight I tried to make banana ice cream but was less than impressed. My mom did make avocado salad dressing that was delicious for our salads at lunch.

Sometimes I make inappropriate cancer jokes or just say things that might make people question if I have a brain tumor (ha, I do). Exhibit a, I was at the nail salon with Katie. She asked what the aerosol that you spray on your nails to help them dry does... as she finds it questionable. I said, "It used to worry me too, but I figure I already have cancer..." - the lady across from me was aghast. Exhibit b, at my first radiation appointment the resident said "hypothetically, if I was treating you for prostate cancer..." I interrupted him and said "oh hunny, if you were treating me for prostate cancer, we'd have other problems..." Yes, I called the resident hunny. He's never really spoken to me at length since.

Well, its 15 minutes away from chemo time. It's pretty amazing to take chemo at home and not have to deal with a port or ivs and a chair. I do recognize how lucky I am. Temodar so far has not been unbearable, however, it did give me awful stomach cramps on day 2. Like, laying in the back of the car on the radiation, moaning cramps. After three calls to the chemo nurses (so wonderful!), an antacid did the trick. I've just been taking it every morning and that seems to help. I haven't heard or found many other people having this side effect but don't think its out of the realm of possibilities.

I am tired tonight. Luckily, I will sleep as soon as I take the chemo pill and miss any potential effects.

Keep calm and carry on ~ Emily


scotvixen said...

Wash has gone through 12 Temodar cycles so if you have questions we can certainly give some (non-doctor) advice.

Have an actual hobby. Honestly, it really does help in the long run. Try different things until you find something; maybe knitting, or getting a small fish tank, stamp or other collections, book club...
It helps to have a thing that is NOT cancer when you are going through the treatment. So much of your life will be consumed with everything "Cancer" it will be perhaps needed to have some sort of escape. Do you have any pets?
We also went and got a Build A Bear for Wash to use for radiation trips/hospital-doctor runs etc. It helps with mood to have a nice distraction.

Good luck ahead and you have our best thoughts.
Tashi & Wash

SHolmes said...

I happened to come across your blog, and I find it so interesting. It's so funny that you said you are leasing your parents VitaMix, because that is exactly what I am doing too, haha. Although I have a different cancer, I can completely relate to your posts and enjoy reading other young people's blogs. Feel free to read mine if you would like! It is:

Good luck with your treatments! :)