Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...you hate drying your hair anyway.

10 Reasons why I will be sad when my hair falls out in the next 2 weeks:

  1. I have gorgeous blonde hair. It's longer than my picture. Prior to my stint in the hospital it was even longer...
  2. ...I was in the process of growing it out. 
  3. I think I look better with longer hair
  4. I don't want to be fat (that's steroids) and bald
  5. What if it never grows back the same?
  6. What if I die before it grows back? 
  7. Once I had a really awkward short hair cut. I am looking forward to the "growing in" process even less than the falling out...
  8. Speaking of.... hair falling out is gross
  9. I can't curl my wig
  10. I have a great collection of hair accessories and I don't know how they will look with a wig

10 Reasons why I will not be sad when my hair falls out:

  1. No "bad hair days"
  2. No drying hair (with mine it takes 15 + minutes)
  3. Save money on expensive hair products
  4. I look good in hats
  5. Don't have to pay for hair cuts or highlights
  6. I can pick out whatever kind of hair I want...
  7. ...in theory I can even have multiple hair styles
  8. I like the feel of a buzzed head
  9. I've heard (okay read online) that showering bald is cool
  10. I can get ready in less time and look better
Con - Britney rocked bald.

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