Friday, August 30, 2013

... We're in the air!

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Technology consistently blows mind. Mom and I are in flight and here I am- sending a blog post down to you!

So to recap the last few days, after the transfusion, I've had my platelets drawn everyday. I've gotta say, it's frustrating to be stuck each day but I'm thankful we can do it at the local hospital easily before breakfast.

Transfusion + showed platelets of 75! Not a bad number. However, Thursday, we had pulled back to 62,000. At first I was upset. Where did they go? Well- that's the chemo still attacking and my nurse practitioner, Cindy, assured me she and Dr. Lassman were not surprised by the results.

Did you know- beets help build platelets? Fresh pressed beet juice, day 2.

However, I can't wait until my appointment on Tuesday to be checked again. So, when we land in Vegas, well drop our things off at the hotel and make our way to the Las Vegas lab corp! I was hoping for three full days of peace but never a dull moment. 

Which brings us to right here - flying to Vegas! This morning dad (aka the president of my fan club and truly the best dad on the world) drove mom and I to the Philly airport at 5am. Tate was confused because usually I'll pull him into the bed when I wake up around that time for some snuggles (and attempt more sleep- steroids make insomnia constant). He wasn't happy with all the hustle and bustle so early. 

Upon arrival at the airport, we checked out bag and waited for my wheelchair escort to the gate. Ok, I know, a wheelchair? Well navigating through crowds and security is challenging with my vision and walking and standing that much - exhausting. It was nice to breeze through security (despite the radiation chambers) and not have to struggle to get to the gate and be exhausted. I'm grateful that my parents insisted on this option as I would have been to proud. But, if I conserve more energy now- I'll have it for Vegas!

What was the most fun part of being in the wheelchair? You go down the ramps backwards!

Since I can't ride the roller coaster at NY, NY in vegas anymore because of those little things we call platelets, this is about as close as I'm gonna get! (Good thing I went sky diving when I did!)

We still have two and a half hours. Mom and I watched "The Big Wedding." Definitely recommend. Played a little candy crush and now we are resting. 

So with that, here we come Aunt Cindy (mom's college roommate), cirque "O", dream dinner (yellowtail!) at the Bellagio and .... yell it with me.... CELINE!!!!!


Ps. One cool shot.... 

Wasn't on the list but bonus- Hoover Dam!

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