Monday, August 19, 2013

... this is harder than anyone mentioned.

Hi everyone!

Just decided to bring the blog back. It's been awhile - the last time I was here we were talking about wigs and weaves. Well, only wigs. And round three of chemo. Seems like years ago - it was years ago.

Now, flash forward two years - and we're in a totally different ball park. You can of course keep up with my caringbridge that has my medical journal. (See link under contact).

But, we're here now - so I think I'll just pick up where I am. You'll catch up eventually...

Tomorrow I am supposed to have Avastin (a type of drug that stops new blood supply from "feeding" the tumor). My platelets are low - they were only 24 on Friday and after a transfusion, we're not even breaking 45. I may have another transfusion tomorrow.

The doctor will probably check my eyes. It's scary how quickly the left field is decreasing (I'm already totally blind in the right eye. Yes, we believe this is permanent).

I wrote a note to myself about losing more vision:
Pro: You know what to expect
Con: You know what to expect

Some exciting things coming up: going to Baltimore with Dad this weekend to visit my brother and eat crabs! (Yum). Next weekend mom and my "aunt" Cindy (her college rooommate who I'm close with) and I are going to VEGAS! We're going to see Celine in concert, some sharks at Mandalay Bay and the Bellagio Fountains. Now those are things to be SEEN.

I tink this is enough of a post for tonight. It's hard to read the screen so excuse any typos. Maybe this is a silly question - but has anyone else lost vision? Lost a sense? How did you deal? It's very isolating because I look fine... (see proof!)


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