Monday, November 14, 2011 goes everything.

Chemo, round 3 begins tonight. Actually, I can take that little pill anytime I want. I've taken all 5 of the others. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. But I'm so optimistic.

My platelets are 127,000 (up from a low of 34,000 last week). My throats a little scratchy, but it's hard not to notice every little thing that happens to my body.

I was thinking about my cancer-coworkers today. There are a couple of them. They all deal differently. Some everyone knows about, some talk to me but keep it pretty hush hush. How did I join this club, I wondered today. The cancer club. No one wants membership, but once you join... it's like the mob - you're apart of the family for life.


Lucy said...

I'm glad you have some support.

Scott said...

Hey Emily-
You said what I say all the time- we're members of a club that no one wants to belong to. You look great in that wig, and I'm glad I checked in on your blog. I hope the side effects of the temodar aren't too rough on you. Keep fighting hard, kiddo.