Wednesday, September 18, 2013

... an elephant, a tiger, and a shark - oh my!

Hello from 8 Hudson North! 

If you have not seen it, the update to the brings you up to speed medically. Basically, I'm still here, we're still running tests and we don't know much. They anticipate that I'll be here for at least a few more days. 

Tomorrow, we will hopefully do a biopsy on one of the nodules in my lungs. 

A day at the hospital seems so normal to me now. I can tell you backwards and forwards a "loose' plan of the day, but I can guarantee you that it won't go the way you try and plan it. I forget that many of my friends have never stayed in a hospital - some now maybe to give birth, but I'm talking an extended stay. Me, on the other hand, I've spent two birthdays and some 45+ days on the 8th floor. Today, during one of the rounds of doctors that came by, the neuro-attending on the floor said to a resident and a med student that were hanging back - "get up there and introduce yourself," she's famous here. I feel like that is either a really good thing, or indicative of spending to much time here. 

A day in the hospital doesn't just start early - theres not usually a true "night." Last night, I fell asleep around 9:30/10:00 with an alarm set for 11:30. I wanted to eat and drink before midnight when I needed to be "npo" or having no food or fluids in preparation for surgery. Since I just finished steroids, I am always hungry or thirsty so being npo is a huge challenge. 

After eating, I went back to sleep around 12:15.

At 1:30 am, a nurse came in and took blood work for labs. I went back to "sleep."

At 3 am, two nurses came in and hooked me up for a transfusion of platelets in anticipation of the biopsy. (They want to make sure they are high enough that I don't have uncontrollable bleeding).

More blood work at 4 am...

Around 5 am, my roommate's nurse came in and turned on the lights to help her with things (showering, etc).

AT 6 am, my roommate began watching her Spanish soaps. They're still on now.

Oh- and did I forget the nurses aids who take your vitals?? Yep, they were mixed in there too...

At 10:30, after not eating or drinking since midnight, I found out they couldn't fit me on the schedule for the biopsy today and they were taking me to  repeat the ultra sound from the day before.That very minute - transport was outside of my door. I had planned, had not eaten and here we were. Now, I'll have to do it all over tonight.

The hospital is actually one of the hardest places to get better. Your sleep is continually interrupted, everyone else is sick and you're just uncomfortable. 

It's not all bad though - I've lucked out and had great nurses, some visitors who brought treats and I've got an awesome view.

Plus, it's easy to find things to smile about.... for example - the infectious disease doctors came by. They have to see if anything viral or bacterial could be causing my problems. They ask a string of questions in order to put together all the information. One of the questions is - have you been to the midwest. Answer: yes, I was in Vegas. (Not as relevant - would matter more if I'd been hiking or camping. "Have you done any traveling?" Well, yes, Vegas... Nantucket - "oh! I touched a shark head in Nantucket..." 


Then Dad pipes in - and you held a tiger cub - that wasn't a cub - and rode an elephant....

The infectious disease doctors didn't know what to say. Especially when I affirmed there was shark blood though I tried very hard not to touch it (I DID feel it was necessary to feel the shark tooth). I then had to explain that I had also been in contact with camels, giraffes, llamas, goats, etc. 

I'm sure I'm not the everyday consult.

At the end of the day, most likely none of my travels or animal adventures are causing my fast heart rate and tightness in my chest. But it sure was fun to list as many things as I could....

Check out my new accessory - what's up fall 2014....



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