Monday, September 16, 2013

... Today hasn't gone as planned.

Happy Monday! 

On Mondays, I have doctor appointments at Columbia. Usually, mom and I leave around 7, get bagels (and diet coke (no coffee drinkers here!) and drive in. We arrive by 9, and head over to get my blood drawn. I found what I consider my "secret" lab- it's on the transplant floor but still in the cancer pavilion so the blood work gets done quickly. After I see my girl, we snake our way through the cancer center, the hospital, all the way to the neuroinstitute. There, I meet with one of my nurse practitioners and we develop a plan for the rest of the day. It could involve chemotherapy but more recently, platelets.

Today, things went a little differently. I've been having some chest pain and based on my heart rate and some other symptoms, my nurse practitioner and doctor agreed that I needed to go to the ER and be evaluated for a pulmonary embolism and/or a blood clot. I'm very lucky to have a medical team that cares so much- my np actually brought me over and made sure I was taken right back (which at the Columbia ER is a miracle in and of itself).

However, emergency rooms are slow. It's 2:15 and I just got an IV a few minutes ago. We're waiting for a cat scan and chest X-ray. They will possibly also do no-lateral ultrasounds. AND because my voice has been hoarse and iffy for weeks, I get to see an ENT now too.

I cannot count the number of days that just don't go as I expect. Last week, I had a particularly rough day. I had to give up my drivers license in exchange for an id). Not only is that frustrating, but my face is swollen from steroids and who wants there picture memorialized like that? So I get my act together and shower and get dressed up (which is a lot of effort some days) and we get all the way to the DMV... nd it starts pouring. Mom pulls the car up, comes around with the umbrella, and gets me to the door. Inside, stands a police officer with zero personality. He doesn't say anything until, I approach. Apparently their computers are down. He says he doesn't know when they'll be back up.

  Old license

At lunch (I mean I AM all dressed up, we had to do something!), we find out from the hostess that ALL the hi computers and DMV computers are down. You just can't even get upset.

All dressed up with no new id

So today, it's not going my way, but its not over yet. I was hoping for some chemo and to be able to pick something up at the mall on the way home. Now, I'm hoping I don't have another challenge to face.

But, either way, well get through it.

........(Nearly 10+ hours later).......

So....  Now I've been admitted to the hospital. Things definitely aren't going as planned. For those of you that subscribe to the bridge, you've already read dad's update. But, if not...

The CT scan revealed nodules and a mass in my right and left lung. There are three total. These need to be investigated because as of right now we don't know if they are malignant. There's also a potential heart issue so we've added some really (un?)cool wires to my chest for someone to monitor.

In the ER, I also saw the ENT who did a scope of my vocal cords. They feel that most likely we can resolve my hoarseness as I come off steroids

And now, I'm back on 8 Hudson north and well see what tomorrow brings.

I went to fashion week and I didn't see any wires for spring 2014.


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