Thursday, July 14, 2011

... just hang in there.

 Radiation days down: 

About halfway there... and my hair started to fall out this week. Sorry that it is all I blog about but it's a huge deal to me. I just want it to fall out where its going to and just get it over with. And yes, those are my hospital bands that I get each day... after we drive over an hour to get there!

My dad and I went swimming the other day and there was a frog. He was not a fan, but I was. I was hoping he was prince charming...

Having cancer is a weird experience. On one hand I want to go back to my life but I know I never really will. My cancer isn't the kind that goes into "remission" - it's just stable, or unstable, but it's always there. It's inoperable, and unfortunately (trivia) the brain does not have cells to come clean up dead cells like the rest of your body. Pretty crazy, I know. So even if the radiation kills the cells, the shape of the tumor that is there will always be there. We'll just have to compare MRIs for changes. But anyway, it's pretty nuts. I'll always have cancer. 

Keep calm & carry on --

Listening to: My Body by Young and the Giant


Carol said...

Hi Emily,
Just had a read of your blog, found you as you left a comment on mine.
Really interesting blog...I look forward to following.........

Scott said...

Hey Emily-
I just found this blog, linking off The Liz Army. I'm a brain cancer patient, too. I'm a 56 year old married guy. Almost four years in, diagnosed 11-2007. Surgery 12-18-2007. Oligoastrocytoma grade II. Radiation for six weeks, no chemo. I would like to keep up on your progress through this. Life won't be quite the same as before, but you're still you. You're young and strong, and have a lot of great life ahead of you. And Prince Charming is out there looking for you, too. Now I'm going to keep calm, and carry on. Talk to you soon.


SHolmes said...

Hi Emily,
The hair falling out is a huge deal, and you should feel free to blog about it all that you want are just being real! It's not an easy thing for anybody to see their own hair falling out. I cut my hair short when I was first diagnosed with cancer to kind of ease into helped a little. I shaved my head right after I saw lots of hair coming out, and I still have a hard time looking in the mirror...I just don't feel like "myself." I totally understand where you are coming from with your hair concerns! Hang in there, and stay strong!! :)

Rachel Oxhorn said...

Hi! I was trying to figure out your blog address because I've received your comments but couldn't find the address until today :) So glad that I did. I can't wait to read your blog and follow your story. Losing hair is so so tough but hang in there gorgeous! So cool that you also live in NYC :) Hey, if we have cancer we might as well go through it in the best city there is.