Thursday, July 21, 2011

... we're halfway there, living on a prayer

Hello and happy Thursday

This has been a busy week so far. Kristen and I went and saw Taylor Swift perform at the Prudential Center in Newark (picture above). She sang "Livin' on a Prayer" (is that the name of the song? I don't know, but you know what I'm talking about). This is the LAST photo of me with my hair - I now have very thin hair on the top of my head. I saw on another blog a girl compared her hair to Prince William's hair. I'd say that is just about right. Thin and balding, in patches. I am not allowed to buzz it until after radiation for fear that it would change how snuggly the radiation mask fits. What is a radiation mask? Well, dear readers, see below: 
Everyday that mask gets placed over my face, hooked in the table, and then they radiate me. It's not so bad now that I discovered I can play my IPod. Monday and Tuesday were all Taylor, all day, in preparation for the concert. I average 3-4 songs a radiation session (but then we have over an hour and fifteen minutes to drive both ways).

Yesterday, I had my "halfway" check up with Sloan. So far, everything seems to be going well and my Dr is actually not sure if I will have to do monthly chemo (at least right away). I have my fingers crossed that we won't begin that off the bat. I took the below picture before my appointment yesterday - a giant yellow teddy bear on park avenue. Guess how much it sold for at auction? Yuck.

This week, I was blessed to make a new friend. His name is Grady and I met him while waiting for our car at the valet. I feel certain that God put our two families together, just as he sent me Buttons and Allie when I was in the hospital. Grady is a beautiful and happy child. You can read all about our meeting on his mom, Erin's blog here. Today, she texted me saying they were going to be admitted (but I had already seen that on her facebook). After radiation, we went to the main desk to ask what room they were in because we wanted to offer to get her lunch (we know how it is being in the hospital - parents never want to leave the room incase the Dr comes). As I was spelling her last name for the guard, I glanced out to the valet and a green car pulled in. Now, I only have seen the back of Erin's car once, but I knew it was them. My mom and I went outside and sure enough, there they were. That is what I call divine timing.  Here is a picture of my friend Grady on a quilt that I gave him. Thank you in advance for keeping him in your prayers this week and always as he gains weight and recovers from dehydration.

One last thing - random acts of kindness. Giving Grady my quilt made me feel good and actually helped me wake up that morning all excited, before my alarm clock. But, yesterday, I came home to flowers that had been sent by another Hokie, a random act of kindness. 

I must believe, above all, God is good. 

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